Fixing Broken Clips on an Omega Paw Litter Box

I have a large, green Omega Paw litter box. If you have cats, consider this product. With a simple inversion of the litter box, kitty poo and hardened litter falls into a waste receptacle. A second inversion of said waste receptacle dooms the feline discard to a purgatory filled with other trash.

For those naysayers who suggest that I toilet train my cats: I have tried and I do not have the requisite patience. (I am not the patron saint of kitty poo, apparently.)

There’s only one problem with the Omega Paw: the clips break. When the clips break, not even duct tape will hold the thing together during the inversion process. Thus, I bring to you a simple, obvious solution that eluded me for about one litter-scoop-filled day for too long: the humble #8 machine screw.