Meditation Instruction

It’s easier than you might think.

Meditation Instruction

It’s easier than you might think.

I can teach you how to meditate.

Don’t give up! Anyone can become a skillful meditator with the right instruction.

I am a meditation teacher-in-training. I am qualified to teach meditation to most beginners and have been authorized to do so in my teacher’s authentic tradition. Even long-term meditators have gained benefit from the techniques I can offer.

I teach about meditation and mindfulness in the following ways:

Meditation Styles

I teach four styles of meditation in The Mind Illuminated tradition, a complete system integrating Buddhist wisdom and brain science.

The Mind Illuminated is not a religious or faith-based practice and no conversion of faith is discussed or expected, but I can adapt my teaching for organizations that are particularly sensitive.

My Meditation Tradition

I am studying with John Yates, PhD. (Upasaka Culadasa), a neuroscientist, scholar, and meditation master with over 4 decades of experience. He is the author of “The Mind Illuminated,” an acclaimed and highly-detailed textbook of meditation. I teach exclusively in his style, but offer my own personal experiences and findings to round out what I offer. Like Culadasa, I teach mediation from a progressive and scientific perspective. Although the instruction draws from an authentic lineage of Buddhist wisdom and philosophy, it is firmly grounded in modern cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

I also study with Dr. Tucker Peck, a meditation teacher and clinical psychologist, who studied with Sharon Salzberg and Upasaka Culadasa.

I have dedicated my life to teaching others how they can increase their well-being through this and similar practices.

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