I have a large, green Omega Paw litter box. If you have cats, consider this product. With a simple inversion of the litter box, kitty poo and hardened litter falls into a waste receptacle. A second inversion of said waste receptacle dooms the feline discard to a purgatory filled with other trash.

For those naysayers who suggest that I toilet train my cats: I have tried and I do not have the requisite patience. (I am not the patron saint of kitty poo, apparently.)

There’s only one problem with the Omega Paw: the clips break. When the clips break, not even duct tape will hold the thing together during the inversion process. Thus, I bring to you a simple, obvious solution that eluded me for about one litter-scoop-filled day for too long: the humble #8 machine screw.

Allow me to elaborate with a simple set of instructions:

  1. Drill holes around the perimeter of the litter box, laughing maniacally at the slotted voids that once held flimsy plastic clips.
  2. Insert screws into holes created in step 1 and tighten with nuts. Add washers and lock washers if you’re one of those overachieving types.
  3. Laugh maniacally (again).

Yes, it’s obvious. However, if you’re dealing with this issue and would like a little flash of insight, here you are. Go get your drill and a screwdriver.