Why Don’t We Love Each Other More?

My friend, Carol Smith, wrote the following in response to the attacks on the American embassy in Libya. It’s a profound and powerful message that I’d like to share. I hope you will find it interesting and inspiring. Also, please see the gallery of images from Libyans who believe in much more than blind nationalism and media sensationalism.


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“Silent Lens” Wins Google Ideas challenge at the Google “Develop for Good” Global Hackathon

I attended the Google I/O Extended “Develop for Good” hackathon in San Francisco in late June. We were asked to create a solution for one of three challenges:

  • Google Politics & Elections: Citizen Engagement for Politics & Elections
  • Google Ideas: Conflict Reporting for Blackout Situations in Repressive Regimes
  • Google Green: Help us all be a little greener!

Our team won the Google Ideas challenge! My sincere congratulations to my team mates Perry Chow, Ansgar Halbfas, Ryan Quellet, and Andrew Song.


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