SPIM: Yet another scourge to plague us

Oh instant message SPAM…

I’ve kinda got a bit of a crush on you XXXX.. If you wanna know who I am though you’re gonna have to Click Here and play along with my game!

Hey there! – You have been selected for a free vacation to the Bahamas! Click Here to confirm your prize before its too late!

You Have 2 New Crush Requests One of your buddies has a crush on you. Find out who

Well, I got a little frustrated about getting several of these a day and did a little digging. All of the SPIMs I have received point one of to the following domains:

  • pure-luv.com
  • fling.com
  • winicane.com

All of these domains are owned by Millnic Media, an affiliate CPA network. I have an suspicion that Millnic Media may sell some of their “leads” (your personal information) up to Mobile Messenger, though I haven’t been able to confirm this.

Thus, it seems that either Millnic Media or one/some of their affiliates (most likely) are in the process of culling AIM screen names and spamming the bejeezus out of them. Many of these SPIMs appear to be coming from toolazy.net, which appears to be an affiliate to Millnic Media based on the destination URL and redirects I get when clicking a link.

Even if Millnic Media or Mobile Messenger aren’t directly responsible for sending the SPIM, a responsible affiliate networks (e.g., Millnic Media) and lead aggregator (e.g., Mobile Messenger) should do a much better job about culling the bad affiliates out of their network.

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  1. R. Clark January 24, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    Pure love, mobil messenger, toolazy.net, tone central…. Those 4 got my daughter’s screen name and I ended up being charged 9.99 per month on my cell phone bill for each one; nearly $40 for unsolicited junk. When I called Verizon, they gave me 800 numbers to call to cancel the “subscription”, and of course there was no one to talk to on the other end of the line. I ended up calling Verizon back and asked them to block those types of text messages on our phones and nicely asked them to credit my bill since it makes no sense to me for them to allow that sort of thing. She did so, but I think I’m still going to call the Attorney General. It seems like such a scam to me.

  2. F.Frank June 23, 2009 at 12:30 pm

    Found out today that my child’s phone was charged $9.99 for premium text messaging billed by Verzion. Called verzion to find out what was up. They gave me the company name that charged the phone which was TooLazy.net.
    They gave me the phone number and I called, but you guessed it, no answer, just a recorded message. Such cowards. Called verzion back and told them to block all further text messaging companies. Then we went round and round about getting the $9.99 charge taken off. Finally after much talk, they agreed. This is about the prinicipal of this TooLazy company preying on children and letting the parents pay for it. They are making millions on that $9.99 charge. They need to be stopped and that’s why I wanted the inital charge removed from my phone bill. I can’t believe Verizon and probably all other phone companies do business with such theives.

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