Metta is a Pali word that means “loving kindness.” A metta meditation is a practice of directing loving kindness towards others and oneself. Here are a few versions that you’re welcome to listen to and share with anyone else you’d like:

This is based almost verbatim on the metta practice described in Upasaka Culadasa’s book, “The Mind Illuminated.” I have recorded this with his permission so that I may offer it freely to everyone.

Many people find it challenging to generate the positive feelings and thinking of people to send these well wishes towards. If this is the case for you, I also suggest reflecting and brainstorming a bit with this worksheet I have created. Take your time with it as the process of reflecting is also a valuable exercise. You may well discover how sweet your life already is.

I hope you find it of great benefit to you. This is my first time recording a guided meditation, so I hope you’ll share your feedback and ideas with me! I recorded it on a MacBook Pro using GarageBand and a Samson Q2U handheld microphone. The ending bell and ambient forest background sounds are both public domain, courtesy of the fine folks at

I decided to use a bit of a very quiet nature track in the background to replicate what this might sound like if I had recorded it at a place like Cochise Stronghold Retreat rather than my apartment in San Francisco. Otherwise the absolute silence interspersed with my voice every minute or two might have been too jarring.