I’m thrilled to announce that Engineers without Borders has graciously offered to allow Cerbumi.org to begin tackling some of their tough research projects.

Their webpage lists about a dozen projects in total, many of which would be quite suitable for use in the Cerbumi.org framework.

I am requesting your thoughts and feedback as to which projects you would consider to be a good fit for us. Of the twelve, I am particularly drawn to:

  • Clearing Vegitation without Burning
  • Inexpensive Portable Incubator
  • Drying Mechanism for Rice
  • Heat Powered LED Lighting
  • Testing equipment for improved stove design
  • Cold weather composting toilet design
  • Machine to remove individual grains from a seed stalk
  • Natural cooling methods

My initial thought would be to choose a total of three projects in different general areas of expertise. This would allow Cerbumi.org to appeal to a broad variety of volunteers. Once these projects are available, I think we’d also have a good call-to-action to market.

What are your thoughts? Which projects would you choose? Are three projects too many, too few, or just right?