If you’re a technology person, you need BarCamp. And, if you’re a technology person in LA, then you need BarCampLA. It’s that simple.

Allow me to break it down.

BarCamp is a bi-annual gathering of the coolest geeks you’ll ever meet. It’s free to attend, but if you attend, you’re also expected to present. And present we did… talking about everything from mapping the homeless in Downtown LA to microformats. Don’t forget PowerPoint Karaoke, where contestants are given 5 minutes to convincingly present slides that they’ve never seen before on a topic they (hopefully) know nothing about. Add free swag from vendors (vodka from BuzzNet and sweet gear from Belkin), and you’ve got a one heck of an event.

The next one is happening in six months… September maybe?

Anyway, get over to http://www.barcampla.org and check it out. Brilliant.