Having Trouble with the Rich Text Editor on WordPress? It Might be mod_pagespeed

I updated to WordPress 3.8.1 about a month ago. Since then, I’ve been having nothing but issues with the rich text editor. For instance, clicking on the hyperlink icon brought me back to the Posts page and none of the links worked in the Publish box.

I tried enabling different themes, disabling plugins, and reciting various voodoo incantations to no avail. I saw some errors in my console that appeared to have been related to the mod_pagespeed extension I’m running on my server. So, I added “ModPagespeed=off” to the URL for the post edit page. That fixed the issue!

To “permanently” resolve the issue, I added the following to a .htaccess file located within my /wp-admin/ directory:

  ModPagespeed off

That’s all that was needed. Come to think of it, this is probably a reasonably good idea for anyone running WordPress and mod_pagespeed. I hope this is helpful to you!

Update Mar-03-14: It was mod_pagespeed.

@jmarantz on Twitter helpfully remarked:

@chrisgagne What MPS version were you using? We fixed that a few versions back and it should be resolved as of 1.6:the latest stable release

So, there you have it. Thanks, jmarantz! If you’re running into this, update your mod_pagespeed to 1.6. If you can’t do that, add the directives above.

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