Back from Äänekoski

We’re back in Vantaa.

Äänekoski was gorgeous. George and I commented over breakfast this AM that life travels at a quiet, relaxed pace in Finland. It’s an interesting contrast to the hustle and bustle in Los Angeles.

We toured the company’s production facility (the anti-static jackets are very sharp looking!) and interviewed three employees. It was interesting to hear different perspectives about the company, from operations to financing, production to purchasing. I think these insights will be useful as we prepare for our research, recommendations, and presentation.

The weather has been very accommodating. I understand that this has been the warmest summer on record since 1942.

I’m hoping that we’ll have a chance to see a bit of Helsinki before we leave. Thankfully we’ve done most of our GAP-related work in the morning, so with luck we’ll be able to take a bus into downtown and walk around a little bit.