Two Photographs That Impact My Life

In September of 2010, I travelled to Mumbai and New Delhi with twenty fellow MBA students to learn more about India’s financial markets. I took this photo out of the back of an air-conditioned tour bus in Mumbai. Near as I can tell, she was unattended. This photo haunts me because I think it illustrates how easy it is to ignore all of the things that we find unpleasant and difficult. I remember asking one of the finance ministers about the state of banking in India and he remarked that the vast majority of Indians had good access to financial services. I countered, postulating that micro-finance seemed to be an awfully big topic for a country that apparently didn’t need it. He replied, “Oh, you mean that India. See, there are two Indias. There’s India, which is the 100 million people you’ve spent the last few days with. They have good access to banking. And then there’s Bharat, which is the traditional Sanskrit word for India. That’s the other billion. They don’t have access to banking.”

This is Dr. Becker, and I’m in a classroom at the University of Cape Town. She’s a physician who has been fighting HIV and AIDS in South Africa for years. There are two things that this image reminds me of. First, she’s incredibly passionate and moved by her work… she’s a real scientist who is doing incredible work for good and it’s clear how it is incredibly fulfilling for her. Second, it was clear to us that many of the problems she was facing weren’t medical, but operational/marketing/logistics/social. In other words, she needed more of the people in that classroom to be there in her field and the truth is that it’s hard to get post-MBAs to do anything like that.

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Housewarming Party Photos

Thanks to my friends and loved ones who came out to my housewarming party!

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A few photos from China

My friend Danna and I travelled across China for a few weeks. Here’s a few photos I took with a Canon 5D Mk II. Photos 1, 2, and 4 (from left to right) are HDR images composited from 3 images (2 stops of bracketing) using Nik Software’s HDR Efex Pro. The third was processed a little with HDR Efex Pro. I think the effects are a little too strong (particularly photo 4), but it was fun to experiment with.

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Photos from Mumbai and New Delhi

Here’s some photos I took while participating in the “Indian Financial Markets” international study course with the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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Older Photos

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Hodge’s Cabin 2005

Between July 2nd and 6th of 2005, I took a quick trip back to the Trinity Alps. I spent most of the trip in Hodges Cabin with my good friend Laura. Here are a few photos from the trip.

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Trinity Alps 2002

I began looking for summer internships in the spring of 2002. High finance, graphic design, nonprofit work… all appealing but typical. I stumbled across an advertisement on placed by the USDA Forest Service. They were seeking wilderness patrol people and a docent for the historical and remote Hodge’s Cabin.

I spoke with the Weaverville Ranger District’s Jim Holmes, who is probably one of the most well-adjusted people I have ever met. After a few days of learning about the opportunity and expressing interest, I received and accepted the chance to spend a summer hiking and caring for a piece of history. My best friend Laura also chose to come along.

Over the next several weeks we prepared our supplies and dried pounds of fruit and meat. Then we loaded up the trunk of my Mazda Protege with food and gear and waved my house goodbye for three months.

We spent the next eleven weeks lounging in the cabin, hiking in one of California’s most beautiful wildernesses, and studying for the following school year. I brought my laptop and a solar cell assembly that permitted me to work on my senior comprehensives and hosting business for a few hours each day.

Jim, thank you for this truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and opportunity. May you and your wilderness always be well.

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Southwest Road Trip 2004

Load up the ’04 Toyota Prius and head off for adventure. My best friend Laura and I visited the Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns.

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Monterey 2004

My good friend Laura and I took a weekend roadtrip to Monterey in 2004. Here are a few photos from the trip.

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Lilo and Perl

I adopted Lilo and Perl in September of 2002 from a woman in Santa Monica. She took a mother and litter of kittens off the streets, then immunized, fixed, and cared for them. She listed their availability online and requested $45 each to cover part of the costs of caring for them. I counter-offered with a year of Internet hosting, including a yearly renewal rate of $90. She accepted and has been one of my clients ever since at

Due to the fact that she has both a “light side” and a “dark side,” Lilo is named after LILO, an application used to select between different operating systems at boot time. It is commonly used to select between Linux and Windows.

Perl is my sleek black script-kitty, and is named after the scripting language Perl. The language Perl is arguably the duct-tape of the Internet. Perl is also Lilo’s mother. This comes as a shock to most people who have the pleasure of meeting them because Perl is roughly half the weight and volume of her daughter.

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