Ms. Silvia and Supreme Bean's Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Warm up the machine, portafilter, and glassware.

Set, grind, and dose. 28 grams. Triple basket in a “naked” portafilter. Free trade, organic, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from Supreme Bean. Tastes like blueberries!

“Tamp” the coffee down. 30-40 pounds of pressure. Polish. Use a bathroom scale for practice.

Lock and load, baby. PID set to 202.5 degrees.

WE HAVE IGNITION! (5mb QT Movie) Note how the glass fills with crema. Yes, it’s a long pour… what can I say, it tastes good. 🙂

What are you waiting for? Enjoy it already!

2017-02-13T13:27:12-08:00June 4th, 2007|2 Comments

Some delicious coffee

I’ve been buying coffee from Supreme Bean for a couple of years now. They’re recently created a “Dolce Terra” organic coffee that’s absolutely delicious. It’s a lighter roast with delicious earthy flavors that remind me of the best Kenyans or Sumatras, and it works brilliantly well for both drip and espresso. We just bought 5 pounds of it for the office. Absolutely solid.

2017-02-13T13:10:06-08:00December 1st, 2006|2 Comments
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