Lilo and Perl

I adopted Lilo and Perl in September of 2002 from a woman in Santa Monica. She took a mother and litter of kittens off the streets, then immunized, fixed, and cared for them. She listed their availability online and requested $45 each to cover part of the costs of caring for them. I counter-offered with a year of Internet hosting, including a yearly renewal rate of $90. She accepted and has been one of my clients ever since at

Due to the fact that she has both a “light side” and a “dark side,” Lilo is named after LILO, an application used to select between different operating systems at boot time. It is commonly used to select between Linux and Windows.

Perl is my sleek black script-kitty, and is named after the scripting language Perl. The language Perl is arguably the duct-tape of the Internet. Perl is also Lilo’s mother. This comes as a shock to most people who have the pleasure of meeting them because Perl is roughly half the weight and volume of her daughter.

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