Chris is passionate about technology and the myriad of ways it can contribute to social and environmental welfare. A constant and curious tinker, he is particularly interested in the ways in which business, operations, and technology practitioners can assist science and social experts in developing and deploying disruptive ideas and technology to change the planet. Chris believes that gratitude is a source of meaning and purpose in life, which in turn gives us the strength and courage we need to joyously create a better world for all living beings, near and far, similar and dissimilar.

Chris has a long standing interest in volunteering and social entrepreneurship. Selected as a StartingBloc Fellow at the 2010 Los Angeles Institute for Social Innovation, he assists and mentors fellow social entrepreneurs as they develop and grow their businesses. Chris donates to several social causes, including the ACLUBlack Box VotingKiva, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Wheelchair Foundation, the Free Software FoundationScrum Club, and Hyde Park Cats. He is particularly interested in the balance of liberty versus intellectual property and security, micro finance, and human/animal welfare.

In 2002, Chris served as a volunteer for the US Forest Service in Weaverville, CA, where he served as a wilderness patrol and docent for a remote historical cabin. Since 2004, he has worked to develop, an open-source network-based approach to real-world problem solving.


Chris is an Agile Coach at eBay through SolutionsIQ.


Chris graduated with an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management in 2011. His studies focused on international management, global micro- and macro-economomics, and entrepreneurial new product development. Chris graduated from Occidental College in May 2003, where he majored in Economics for Business and Management. During his senior year, Chris was an active participant in Mortar Board, a senior honor society devoted to serving the community. He graduated with several honors, including magna cum laude, membership in Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron Delta Epsilon, and departmental honors for his thesis titled “What effects will increased globalization have on America’s knowledge workers?” He took the GMAT shortly after graduating and scored in the 98th percentile. Most recently, Chris was one of three alumni nominated for the Luce Scholarship by Occidental College.

Hobbies and Interests

Chris has a diverse set of hobbies and interests. He particularly enjoys attending and building art for Burning Man, photography, and coaxing old computer hardware into doing interesting things. On any given evening, Chris can be found hacking away in Python, listening to binaural classical music, toying with high-powered Class IV lasers, or duct-taping together cameras to create 3D images.